The Tea Party in the Woods: A Tender Modernist Fairy Tale by Japanese Artist Akiko Miyakoshi

To be human is to sometimes slip, then wish for a way to undo our
mishaps and magically fix our mistakes. Japanese children’s book author
and artist Akiko Miyakoshi explores this profoundly human impulse with uncommon subtlety and tenderness in The Tea Party in the Woods (public library) — a quietly whimsical modernist fairy tale with the imaginative other-worldliness of Alice in Wonderland, but without Carroll’s flamboyant farcicality; with the red-capped woods-wandering heroine of Little Red Riding Hood,
but without the Grimms’ goriness. At the story’s heart is a gentle
taunt at the line between what is real and what is imagined — a line we
cross daily in ways minute and monumental by virtue of continually constructing the thing we call reality.

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